Why Become A Member of MCIMCE?


24/7 Helpline for Assistance

We are here to provide support and assistance to Indonesian & Chinese residing in Malaysia with urgent need for help in cases of emergencies, a service provided exclusively to only MCIMCE members. With our large database of members across Malaysia, help is just a phone call away for immediate assistance.


Community Activities

Join our members in conducting regular activities together including charity work, festivals and celebrations, fund raising work, and other events to contribute to the cause of MCIMCE members in Malaysia and also adopting community projects in China & Indonesia.


Join Our Network

We create a network among Malaysian, Chinese and Indonesian members in MCIMCE to foster friendship and networking, meet and mingle with other MCIMCE members in our regular meet and greet sessions, voice our issues and get support from other members in a close knitted community.


Membership Privileges

We provide all our members with a MCIMCE Membership Card with special privileges including discounts and offers at selected retailers such as restaurants & travel operators,  special concerts and promotions, access to professional services such as medical facilities, legal support, etc exclusive to MCIMCE members,